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I happily worked as a front desk receptionist for about a month before being put back into a place where I can’t be approached by customers. My job is a legal job so I prefer not to say much more though I will clarify things. Please do note that this is all on the phone and this took place a few years ago and rules have changed since then that now mostly prevent this issue from occurring.

[phone rings]

Me: Good morning, information desk, how can I help you?

Customer: Yeah I need some information about a case.

Me: I’m happy to help if I can. Do you know the case number?

Customer: No.

Me: That’s alright, can you tell me your last name?

Customer: It’s uhh not for me, I’m calling for my brother.

Me: That’s alright, but I must say that the most I can give you is a date and time for the case being heard.

Customer: {Last Name}

Me: First name please.

Customer: {First name}

Me: Alright let me pull up the information. {ten seconds later} Do you know what type of case it is?

Customer: Yeah it’s an uh paternity case.

Me: Alright, the case is set to be heard on {Date} at {Time}.

Customer: Now can you tell me which child this is for?

Me: I do sincerely apologize, but as I mentioned before, the law prevents me from giving out any information beyond a court date unless you come up to the information desk and present a photo ID in addition to being a party to the case or listed as an interested person.

Customer: No, you are to give this information to me right now.

Me: Ma’am, I am sorry but {Indiana Code, Local Code, Federal Code} prevent me from disclosing that information without having the just mentioned conditions met.

Customer: You just won’t help me because I’m black! You racist, white punk ass, vanilla latte!

<It’s funny because I was drinking a vanilla latte right then>

Me: I am so sorry that I cannot help you, let me transfer you to my partner. {transfer} [to coworker] Got a live one at {number}.

Coworker: Good morning! Information desk, how can I assist you?

Customer: [now screaming loud enough for me to hear from three feet away] Your partner is a racist piece of shit and won’t give me information because I’m black.

Coworker: I can assure you that he isn’t giving you the information because he is a racist, but actually following the laws that he cited for you.

Customer: How the fuck do you know that he isn’t racist?

Coworker: I’ve known him my entire life, am his best friend, and happen to be black.

Customer: You all are lying up in here. I’m reporting you to the administrator. {hangs up after missing the holder multiple times}

{45 minutes later our boss comes out with two of our other coworkers to replace us.}

Boss: I need to speak with both of you, this is a very serious matter.

Coworker and I: Yes sir. {We follow him to one of the back rooms}

Boss: I had an accusation of {me} being racist and {coworker} you were accused of supporting racism. I know that this is pretty much a waste of time, but this is something we have to do. {Me} Tell your story just remember that your line is recorded on your end.

{At this point I repeat everything verbatim and my boss is cracking up}

Boss: She actually said that to you?

Me: Yeah, ask {coworker} she was screaming at both of us so that we could hear it from each other’s phones.

Coworker: What he said.

Boss: {coworker}, Tell your side of the story.

{Coworker repeated everything also verbatim and the boss is trying so hard not to laugh.}

Boss: As I thought there is no reason for this meeting, but I had to do it. You guys are good to go back to work.

Now the funny part is that she called back eight months later and I was out at the desk to cover for someone else because of an emergency. She apparently remembered me and I knew who it was the second she started speaking. With the voice of a harpy mixed with screaming banshee mixed with a touch of stupid, you can’t forget one like that.