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I handle HR for a company with a headcount of less than 70, and therefore personally know every single person that I have the pleasure of working with.
I work in a Downtown 25+ floor building that holds 30+ businesses in addition to my own.
A covered parking lot next door has reserved parking from floors 1-8 (higher demand, more accessible parking spots to the building entrance) and floors 9-10 are free visitor parking.
Businesses are charged a monthly fee for each spot reserved, and every reserved spot has the company name on a sign on the wall, but not an employee name.
Needless to say, there are both lazy visitors and sneaky professionals either who do not have a reserved parking spot or don’t want to park on floors 9 or 10 who try to steal empty reserved parking spots.
Having returned from a 2-week vacation, I drive straight into my reserved parking spot on the 3rd floor, which is a fairly prime parking floor.
As I exit my car and grab my bag, a very flash and expensive BMW comes to a halt behind my car.
The driver slides down his window and loudly accuses me of parking in his spot. This man is clearly not one of our employees.
I suspect that Mr BMW has been parking in my spot over my vacation and has come to view it as his own.
I ask him what company he works for, and he cranes his head to peer at the sign behind me, and declares that he’s a Director with (my company name that contains a clue as to the nature of our work).
I ask what his company does, and he proudly declares that they do (word contained in the company name).
I extend my hand to shake his and say with complete warmth, “You must be new. I’m in HR and have on-boarded every single person who’s joined us in the last 3-years.”
His eyes widened.
I continue, “Tell you what, you go park in the CEO’s spot just 4 spaces down as he’s out today and I’ll walk in with you to the Executive meeting.”
Without a word the BMW screeches off and heads towards the Exit ramp to leave the parking lot.
Much laughter was heard in our morning Executive meeting.