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When I was 15, I worked at a grocery store. At the time, I was learning about social justice, and I was becoming more accepting of people’s choices, but I wasn’t brave enough to call anyone out on their prejudices.

One day, the grandmother of a boy I liked came through my checkout, and we had a pleasant chat. Then, she pointed behind me, telling me to look at customer at another checkout: woman who may have been in her 50s or 60s, dressed in a tube top and short shorts.

Grandmother: Isn’t that disgusting?

Me: Um… I don’t know… Maybe?

Grandmother: I suppose you get all kinds of people through here.

That was the last she said about it, but, to this day, I wish I had said something to set her straight. I wasn’t bothered by what the other customer was wearing. She wasn’t breaking any laws. At least she didn’t hear what the grandmother was saying.