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(I am the cashier in this story. The customer, a regular who appears to be in his mid 30s approaches the counter. We’re both white.)

Customer: *in hushed whisper* “You let them in here?!”
Me: *Looks around* “Who?”
Customer: *Nods his head in the direction of a young black man*
Me: *Clueless as to why we wouldn’t* “Yeah, why? Did he do something?”
Customer: “No, but he’s a ni**er!”
(He nearly shouts this, making the customer in question look up*
Me: *Speechless* “Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to leave. Now.”
Customer: “Why?! He’s the ni**er! Make him leave!”
Me: “Leave my store or I’m going to have to call the cops on you for causing a disruption, harassment and being an overall a**hole.”
Customer: “Fuck you, you n**ger lover!”
(He storms out throwing his items down on the floor.)
*The other customer, the one being insulted, comes to the counter, picking up the items from the floor as he does.*
Customer #2: “Do you have to deal with people like that often?”
Me: “More often than I’d like honestly. Though none to that extent. I am so sorry that happened. The guy’s a real a**.”
Customer #2: “Yeah, he is…but it’s not your fault. Thank you for defending me.” *He smiles*
Me: “Of course!”
*I ring up his items and he pays. As he’s about to leave he stops and turns back to me.”
Him: “Hey, what are you doing tomorrow?”
Me: “Well, I work until 2 but after that nothing.”
Him: “Do you wanna, possibly, hang out tomorrow?”
Me: *Smiling like an idiot, I’m sure* “That sounds awesome, actually.”
Him: *Beaming* “Awesome!”
*We exchange numbers*

(This happened 2 years ago. We’re getting married in October.)