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(I’m having brunch at the bar of a popular restaurant. As its Sunday, its very crowded for tables and they offer people to have a drink at the bar as they wait for a table to clear if they want. Two ladies in their mid forties sit at the bar a few seats from me.)

Bartender: Hello Ladies. Are you waiting for a table outside

Lady 1: Yes but we want a cocktail while we wait.

Bartender: What can I get you?

Lady 1: Oh we already ordered. That man over there helped us.

(The waitress stares confused glancing back at the man she pointed to)

Lady 2: ummm….

Lady 1: One sangria and one mimsoa

Lady 2: We didn’t order

Lady 1: Oh my god you’re right. We told each other what we wanted but we didn’t order

Bartender: Oh good. I was concerned because he isn’t a bartender and it didn’t look like he put in any orders. I’ll get them for you.