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I work in an art supplies store when an old couple comes in, so I go up to them to see how I can help

Me: hi there can I help you find anything
Old lady: yes, hi. I am sponsoring a little kid from (poor country) and he is into drawing so I would like to get him some pencil crayons
Me: excellent! Well we have this set of 12 colours for a very good price (I hand her the set of pencils)
Old lady: (looks at the set of pencils and frowns) hm I don’t know if this will do, there is a picture of a girl on it and if he opens it and sees that he will not want to use it.. do you have any other sets for boys?
Me: (very confused) he can very well use this set, pencil crayons are unisex
Old lady: yes but there’s a drawing of a lady on it, you know how kids are. If you saw that you wouldn’t want that
Me: (even more confused, thinking how grateful a kid in an undeveloped country would be for a set of nice pencils despite what is on the case) no i really don’t think it will matter to him mam. But here is a set that doesn’t have anything girly on it, but it’s 3 times more expensive than the first set..
Old lady: 3 times more? *Scoffs* okay we will get the first set then.
Me: okay…..