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This happened years ago when I was working at a small grocery store. We have huge variety of different kinds of dairy products and lots of lactose free options as well as products that have some lactose in them (lets call them Lola – as in LOw LActose content).
An older man approaches.
Customer: Could you help me find this milk because I don’t know where it is.
Me: of course! (I take him to the dairy product section) So what kind of milk would you need?
Customer: I need lactose free Lola milk.
Me: erm…. (I point at two different produts) There are our Lola milks and there are the lactose free products.
Customer: No. I need (and he reeds from his shopping list) lactose free Lola milk.
Me: Ok, but there are no lactose free Lola milks. What about these lactose free products here? Would they be good?
Customer: No, my wife told me to get lactose free Lola milk because our daughter is coming for a visit and she is lactose intolerant.
Me: Ok, so I would recommend you choose the lactose free milk to be on the safe side.
Customer: But it’s not Lola milk..?
Me: No, because Lola means it has some lactose in it. (I had thought everyone knew this..)
Customer: So you don’t have any lactose free Lola milk.
Me: (I was getting a bit frustrated but tried to explain it..) No, because there is no such thing. It cannot be lactose free AND have some lactose in it.
Customer: But my wife told me to get it. So I’m probably better off not buying anything because you don’t have it.
Me: Well maybe you can ask your wife to bring it from a bigger shop. (I felt I had already lost the battle)
Customer: Yes, I’ll do that. Thank you!
He left cheerfully and didn’t come back that evening. I guess his wife had explained it to him better than I could. The best part was that he was my old biology teacher so I would have thought he would understand the difference of containing a little bit of something and not at all…