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On occasion, our registers run completely out of bags, and it will be a few days to a week before another shipment comes in. We have three bags sizes. During this encounter, we were out of our largest bag size.

As I am ringing up a customer’s items, I am trying my best to fit everything into the bags we have in. One of her items is an oversized pillow that would not fit into a regular bag, so I place it on the counter bagless along with the rest of her bagged items.

Customer: “Can I get a bag for the pillow?”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry ma’am, we are out of our large bags at the moment. I can try to fit it in a regular bag for you if you’d like me to.”

Rather than answering one way or another, the woman stares at me blankly for about a minute, before she responds.

Customer: “I am never shopping here again! I’ll go to Target or Walmart, where they actually PROVIDE bags for their customers!”

She walks off in a huff with her items, angrily muttering to herself “Who the hell doesn’t have bags!?”

I could not understand what she was so mad about. It’s not like we were completely out of all of our bags, and I offered to put the pillow in a smaller bag for her.