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, | Unfiltered | June 12, 2020

(My friend was the goofy customer. She hears her cat and her roommate’s dog fighting, goes and sees blood everywhere. She finds her cat under the sofa, fur blood-red and not moving. In a panic, she rushed the cat over to the emergency vet.)

Friend: “P-P-Please, you have to help! M-M-My cat got into a fight with this big dog and he’s badly hurt!”

Vet: “OK.”

(The vet proceeds to check the cat over. Finally he stops and looks up.)

Friend: “What?”

Vet: “Ms. [Name], this cat has no wounds.”

Friend: “WHAT! But he’s covered in blood!”

Vet: “I know, but he’s doesn’t have a single wound. The blood is not his. He’s in shock, but not physically injured.”

(Turns out it was the big dog’s blood! My friend didn’t see the fight, but she figures that when the dog tried to get him under the sofa, the cat attacked by biting his nose. Sure enough, my friend’s roommate comes in later with her dog’s face to be stitched up. My friend was red faced.)

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