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I work as a security officer and I was having my coffee break and went to buy myself a drink from the airport grocery store when a lady comes up to me:
Lady: Excuse me, where do you have water?
Me: Uh… I don’t have water.
Lady: Of course you do! Where do you have water?!
Me: No, I really don’t have water. That’s why I’m here actually.
Lady: You’re a shop! You have to have water!
Me: I’m neither a shop nor do I work in one, sorry
I’m just a customer here.
Lady: Don’t give me that crap. You obviously work at the airport!
Me: Yes, I never claimed I didn’t. I just don’t work at this shop, I work for the security.
Lady: I don’t care!! You work at the airport, this shop is at the airport!
Me: Yes, we obviously switch around the tasks at the beginning of the day. Tomorrow I’ll be a pilot… You’re standing on front of the waters by the way. Have a nice day.