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( I am a hostess at a fairly popular casual dining restaurant, of which my location is one of the busiest around. It was a Sunday lunch rush, which is quite busy already, and we were very understaffed. We usually have 3 hosts and 2 bussers on, but this day we had 2 hosts and 1 busser. I was on a wait, as I had 7 parties all bigger than 9 people. I told this lady that it would be about 15 minutes while our busses gets all the tables cleaned since we just had a fee big parties leave. After that our whole lobby was filled with people waiting, we were obviously very busy, and then this happened.)
Customer: *storms up to the host stand pushing people out of the way* um hellooo are we going to get seated any time soon?! You told us 5 minutes and its been longer than that and we are all very hungry!
Me: *motions to all of the people* I’m sorry ma’am but as you can see we are quite busy today and we only have one busser today
Customer: UGH! Well you told us 5 minutes!!
Me: *with major attitude* actually ma’am I told the person who put their name on the list 15 minutes, if you could just be patient because we are very busy as you can see you will be seated soon.
2 minutes later Me: okay ma’am we are ready for you now *smiling the best fuck you smile I can manage* y’all enjoy *under breath* asshole