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It was Taco Tuesday, aka our busiest day of the week. The order ahead of this guy was over $60, so it took forever. The asshole who yelled at me had a special order, so it took a bit. He claimed he was sitting for an hour. I didn’t take his order, so I have no idea. I was a cashier, so I had no control over this. He started yelling at me and demanded to see my manager. My manager talked with him briefly, then went back to cooking because he was the only cook. When I went to check garbages, The asshole held his foot in front of the door to keep me in the kitchen! Do you expect your food faster if you stop the employees from working? He came in shortly after the supper rush, so we were still playing catch-up. When I was trying to get out and he asked if I needed to get out (after I was obviously trying to open the fucking door!), I told him that I needed to check the lobby. He said something along the lines of “Yeah, it’s so fucking busy!” He eventually got a refund and left. If his food took as long as he claimed, He should have complained after 5 minutes. Our policy is that lobby orders should take 90 seconds. Other customers were apologizing to me and calling him an asshole. People who were waiting for their food said he was out of line.