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(I work in a well known catalogue shop, you pick your items from the catalogue, order and pay for them at the till and get a number on your receipt to collect them. Items are picked for customers via headset so we literally just do what the headset tells us) I’ve just picked a bunch of items and called the corresponding numbers and nobody has come to pick any up for a while so return to picking, eventually all but two items are collected)
Customer: I’m number 59, you didn’t call me but I think those are my camping chairs.
Me: *Checking receipt for the number* Oh, yep I did call that actually. Just a moment. *Grabs chairs and stamps receipt*
Customer: No, the number didn’t even go onto the board.
Me: The numbers automatically go onto the board when they’re ordered, but I definitely called your number.
Customer: No you didn’t call my number. I’m not stupid.
Me: *standing slightly dumbfounded and internally thinking “Oh but you are.” *Externally* Okay, thanks! Bye now.
Customer: *Storms off*