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(I used to work in this mall department store and I was finished with my shift but I didn’t have a ride home for another hour. To pass the time I walked in a competing department store to pass the time. Apparently they were having a sale and were understaffed because there were a lot of people and the staff looked overwhelmed. It did not help me because my uniform was very similar to the uniform of that store)

Customer 1: “This service is terrible! You should be ashamed of yourself!”
Customer 2: “What the hell?! We’ve been waiting for service and you’re over there, just standing there looking at clothes! What do you have to say for yourself!?”
Me: “I don’t work here, I work at [other department store].”
To prove my point, I untuck my shirt and undo my tie.
they both look at me, guilty
Customer 1: “I am so sorry.”