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(I used to work at a produce and grocery shop near downtown Johannesburg. We were usually rather busy throughout the week. I was in customer service, specifically a cashier. We were closing for the day when someone came too late)

*As I was sorting the carts I noticed a woman trying to pry open the locked automatic doors*

Her: Ma’am! Please open this door! You can’t close yet! I’ll be quick!

Me: I’m sorry ma’am, but we’re closing for the night.

Her: I’ll give you R 100! Open the fo**en door!

*I left to tell my supervisor. When she gets there, the door automatically opens from the inside. The woman rushes inside.*

Supervisor: I’m sorry, but we’re closed!

Her: I’ll be quick!

*she returns 5 minutes later, at 9:35. We closed at 9*

Her: Yeah, she (me) was so sweet for trying to let me inside! Got her manager and everything! You’re a lifesaver, young lady!

I was actually getting my supervisor to tell her to leave, but OK. She never did give me that 100 rand note.