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I’m working drive through when a woman approaches the window. As I ring her up for her order she asks if she can return a bottled beverage (her husband doesn’t like that flavor). I scan the product for the return but it is not found in the POS. I run back to check with my supervisor who informs me we don’t sell that product in the store, it is only sold at supermarkets. I return and inform the woman. To boot, one of the bottles was opened and 1/3 empty. Also it’s summer and the diary beverage is warm to the touch…

Me: I’m sorry ma’am, but I’m unable to process this return because we don’t sell this product.

Customer: Well I bought it here a few weeks ago.

Me: Well, did you buy it at the other location perhaps?

Customer: (irritated now) No! I bought three of them here a few weeks ago but my husband doesn’t want this flavor. I would like my money back.

At this point, the line had gotten long so I wanted to get her on her way, but there was no possible way to process a refund as the product wasn’t in the POS.

Me: I’m sorry ma’am but there is no way you purchased this at this location. We do not sell this product and I’m not able to even refund it because it’s not in my system.

Customer: Well I can’t believe this place has such poor service. I’m never coming back here again.

Me: Again, I’m sorry ma’am, enjoy your day.

She speeds off. Best part? She came back to that store countless times and never seemed to remember me.

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