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It’s a slow day at my college bookstore because the president of the university declared it a student holiday complete with games, free food and a scavenger hunt. I volunteered to come in to work the bookstore while the rest of the student employees enjoyed the day. Because it’s slow I decided to check out Not Always Right on my computer until a customer walked in.

Customer: Excuse me do you have any key chains?

Me: Sorry, all we have are ones that say (university name) Dad on them, we ran out a couple of week ago when school started and freshman parents came in and bought a lot of them.

Customer: Well that is unacceptable, you should get your act together.

Me: I’m sorry that customers liked them?

Customer grumbles and walks around the store. Finally she spies a pen that we have specially made that has our university’s name on it.

Customer: I want this pen.

Me: That will be 84 cents

Customer: No! I want it for fee

Me: …It’s 84 cents

Customer: Can’t you give it to me for free?

Me: No

Customer: Are there any pens in here I can have for free.

Me: I’m not allowed to give stuff away

Customer huffs and grabs a handful of change out of their bag

Customer: How much is this?

Me: 75 cents

Customer: Can I have the pen?

Me: The pen is 84 cents, I need 9 more cents before I can give it to you

Customer: Well fine then!

She stormed off in a huff without her pen while I was left scratching my head trying to figure out what the heck just happened.

Opened my computer to see Not Always Right and immediately clicked “Add Story”