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I was assisting a customer over the phone with a program from our company that was acting up. I asked him to provide log files so we could take a look at any issues that may have been recorded therein. I provided a file path to locate the logs and ended the call as it would take home some time to gather the files and email them to me.

The initial email I received from the customer didn’t contain log files, but did state, “What is that? I don’t know what that means?” regarding the file path.

I provided further information explaining what the file path is and a few ways to navigate to the requested files. I even broken it down into simple steps. One suggestion was accessing the files through Finder (the customer had a Mac).

His next response surprised me: “Where’s Finder?” (For anyone who doesn’t know, Finder never closes and is always accessible from the desktop. He might as well have asked, “What’s the Start button?” On a Windows computer.

The guy was nice so I tried as hard as possible not to make him feel bad about not noticing the face in the corner of a computer he’s owned for a few years.