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(So I work in a children’s play area at the front desk. And the last hour that we are open the admission both for child and adult are half off, which $12. So it becomes $6. We usually start reminding customers around 3:30. All the customers I notified were completely fine waiting especially since their kids were already entertained by the objects moving on the wall in the lobby.)

12 mins before half off time
Mom holding her son and a bright blue purse and her young son walk up.
Me: Hi! Welcome to [Company]. Just to let you know admission will be half off in 12 minutes. Do you mind waiting or would you like to pay the full charge?
Customer: Oh great! Can I just come back then?!
Me: Oh yeah! No problem!

Another customer walks up
Customer 2: Hi I need to find my daughter and 2 granddaughters so I can pick them up.
Me: Ok no problem, but since you wont be paying the admission I will have to accompany you, so I can make sure you have found your family.
Customer 2: No worries.
Manager: [My name] the client you told she could come back went inside without paying.
Me: What? *freaking out* ok ill go inside and find her and walk this client in to find her family.
Manager: ok
Me: *spots mom with bright blue purse and son in a plastic car* Ma’am I’m sorry, but I need you to wait in the lobby like the other clients.
Customer 2: I found my daughter.
Me: ok great! *customer 2 lets her daughter know and grandkids that they need to leave*
Customer 1: I though you said I could come back?
Me: I’m sorry Ma’am, I thought you were going to head out to your car or head home for little while. *keeping an eye on the grandma and her family*
Customer 1: Okay, but my son wont stay in the lobby. He will just scream and cry.
Me: Sorry there is nothing I can do. I must really ask you to go to the lobby and wait just like the other parents.
Customer 1: Where is a manager?
Me: She will be upfront in the lobby in a purple shirt.
Customer: This is ridiculous. *she mutters*
Me: *I find the family and I escort them out. I also spot the blue purse and thankful for the mm for waiting*

It becomes half off hour and 15 groups of people come through and parents are happy for paying cheaper price.

No clients are left.
Manager: Did that lady with the blue purse come through your line?
Me: No. I thought she talked to you and then left after dealing with her child at the far end bench.
Manager: I never left the gift shop checkstand.
Me: Oh. Ok I will go inside and see if I can find them. *freaking out again* *looks around for a good couple minutes. Just when I am about to give up. I ask a coworker and give her a description.
Coworker: Her?
Me: Okay! Ma’am I am sorry, but I need to pay the admission fee.
Customer 1: I know, but he would not stay still.
Me: I am sorry, but I still need to come up to the front with me.
Customer 1: How about I give you my card and you can just charge me the regular price. I dont care. My son is going to cry if he leaves.
Me: I am sorry Ma’am, but I cant. Please can you come with me to the front so we can solve this problem.
Customer 1: *As she picks up her son, she says* This is worse than the fbi.
Me: *I escort her to the front, still freaking out because my manager is waiting there*
Manager: I’m sorry Ma’am for the inconveniece, but it would not be fair to the other customers that we let someone in before the half off hour.
Customer 1: I didnt mean to cut in front of anyone its just my son wont stay still. Or he’ll cry and scream.
Manager: I understand, but next time you both are welcome to wait in the gift shop to keep your child busy or wait in the lobby.
Customer 1: okay very sorry!
Me: *I charge her the half off because my manager says its ok* *As I charge the child does cry and scream*
Customer 1: *goes inside with son*
Manager: *to me* that was completely your fault. When she said she was gonna come back I understood she meant go inside and then come and pay the half off charge.
Me: I thought she was gonna go to her car or go home. And the grandmotjer came and I had to help her.
Manager: You need to pay attention.