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So… I’m at work, and I’m in the back of the store cleaning drip-trays when I hear the little buzzer thing go off telling me a customer just walked in. No big deal, I usually wait like 30 seconds to a minute or so to give them a little time to look around freely before I go stand behind the counter… Well, the buzzer kept going off; maybe 4 times? I go to check how many customers just actually showed up…And there was one guy. One. Freakin. Guy. He was standing in the door way, semi-pacing to make the buzzer go off. He sees me and goes “There you are.” Then proceeds to WALK OUT OF THE STORE. Like…Okay? A few seconds later my register is beeping. He’s trying to get gas. Alright, fine…Maybe he’s filling up? Nope. Twenty bucks. He puts twenty bucks in gas, then proceeds to SLOWLY wash his windows, and I’m stuck up front waiting on him [we can’t really leave the front of the store if someone is getting gas on one of the non-prepay pumps because of drive-offs.] Mind you, I’m already pretty behind in getting a long list of things to do because when I first got to work there were a bunch of people in the store, and being third shift I was the only cashier after 10. So anyway. Guy FINALLY finishes his windows, comes in and hands me a 20 bill… and walks out. Are. You. Freakin. KIDDING ME?! Dude. If you were just going to get twenty in gas and wash your windows, YOU COULD HAVE JUST HANDED ME THE TWENTY WHEN YOU WERE MAKING MY BUZZER GO NUTS AND LET ME GET BACK TO WORK! Some people….I honestly just don’t understand why…Just… WHY!?