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(This is 3 months after we purchased our home. An older couple lived here before us for almost 50 years. As such, I had several visitors come looking for the former owners. The husband had an electrical/HVAC business before he got ill. A man knocks on my door one day.)

Me: Can I help you?
Man: Is [former owner] here?
Me: I’m sorry, no. They moved. (I get ready to shut the door, thinking he’ll move on.)
Man: (Not bothered at all by what I said.) Oh. That explains it. I tried calling his old number, but it was disconnected so I thought I would stop by. My air conditioner isn’t working and [owner] installed it for me twelve years ago- and I need him to work on it for me. Do you know where they moved to?
Me: Sorry. You’ll have to find someone else. He’s not in the greatest health, he’s on oxygen I think. He hasn’t been working on that for years.
Man: Well, he put it in for me. I got it from him and it’s acting up. Do you know where they moved?
Me: (I did know vaguely the area where, but wasn’t going to tell him.) No, I don’t. (I start to try and close the door again.)
Man: (Still standing there, no sign of leaving and looking confused.) Well. I guess I could try to get ahold of him another way. You sure you don’t know? Do you have a phone number for them?
Me: No, I don’t have any contact info for them. Good luck. (Then I finally shut the door on him, but I wish I had done it sooner.)