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A couple of months ago my theater was showing the movie Daddy’s Home which is PG 13. That particular day I was standing at a little podium taking people’s tickets when this extremely irate woman comes up to me, dragging a boy of about 10 with her

Customer: I want to speak to a manager!

Me: (thinking her problem might be something I can fix) What seems to be the problem m’am?

Customer: (Yelling) I WAS WATCHING DADDY’S HOME WITH MY SON AND IT HAS TOO MUCH SWEARING IN IT! i WANT A REFUND! (honestly, this is why you should research a movie before taking your child to it,)

(By this point the commotion has attracted one of my coworkers)

Coworker: Daddy’s home is a PG 13 movie, m’am.

Customer: (continues to rant on about the movie being inappropriate for a PG rating, like I telepathically made the movie say a bad word to offend her precious spawn’s delicate ears)

(Eventually I send the woman on her way to get her refund; good riddance; and I finish my shift)

Me: Hey you see that lady who was all ticked off that Daddy’s home had a swear word in it?

Manager: Oh yeah, she was nice to me.

Me: Well she wasn’t nice to me.