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I was a receptionist at a small plastics factory. I had been there for about three months, and we would still occasionally get phone calls for a former employee.
Phone rings
Me: Thank you for calling (company), this is (me), how may I direct your call?
Female Caller: Is (former employee) in?
Me: I’m sorry, she no longer works here.
Female Caller: Will she be in later?
Me: Well, she no longer works here, so…
Then I hear a male in the background. With a very condescending tone, he says “yes she does, I just talked to her yesterday”. The female says ” ma’am, she should be there… ”
Me: She hasn’t worked here for several months. What company are you with? What department can I direct you to?
Female: Umm….computers?
I hear the male tell her I don’t know what I’m talking about and she hangs up on me. I still have no idea what they were trying to pull.