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Im working a private awards dinner, each table has a bottle of red and white wine and a water jug as well as a couple of cases as centre pieces. I, and other staff, have been near the tables at all stages of the night and I’ve checked on this particular table multiple times in the half hour leading up to this.

* I’m walking around the table checking to see if they have finished their meals*

Guest in a rude tone: “Can we get a round of water at this table and make sure everyone else (all the other 27 tables) gets one as well”

Me: “Sure thing”

*i pick up the water jug and pour each of the ten guests at that table a glass and then ask my staff to do the same at other tables*

Five minutes later, note every person on this table has a drink.

Same guest, very rude this time “can we get some wine service at this table or at least get a bottle of red on the table seeing there’s none?”

Me, dumbfounded: “Mam there’s a bottle of red on the other side of the table…”

She was nice to me the rest of the night.