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My brother has done bartending and worked in food service, but he hasn’t worked in retail. I was a cashier at an arts & crafts store.

Brother: So, [My Name], haven’t you learned all the prices of the items you sell?

Me: Um … no?

Brother: But wouldn’t that be good customer service if a customer could come up to you and you wouldn’t need to look up the price?

Me: I guess … but we sell a lot of different items. There’s no way to learn all of those prices.

Brother: I still think you should.

Me: Yeah, no. A car salesman or furniture salesman may be able to do that, but they’d only have to memorize maybe a few dozen prices. My store literally has hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of items in it.

Brother: Isn’t there something that customers buy more often than the other things?

Me: Uh, no? Otherwise there’d be no point in having so many items in stock?

He still didn’t seem convinced.