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I witnessed this event, but did not participate in it, other than being one of the people laughing at the end. The incident took place in a local farmer’s market. This market has a sign at the entrance which states “All Produce Sold Here Is Organically Grown Unless Indicated Otherwise”. (This is important.)

The cast of characters includes:
IW: Idiot Woman
PE: Patient Employee
WD: Woman’s Daughter
CC: Cool Customer

IW is looking at various items of produce for sale at the market, and calls over an employee to ask a question.

PE: Yes, ma’am, what can I do for you?

IW: I need to know which of these things are organic.

PE: Everything here is organic unless there’s a sign saying otherwise, ma’am.

IW: No. That’s not how it works.

WD: Mom, we saw the sign at the door.

IW: Quiet, honey.

PE: She’s right, ma’am, there’s a sign at the entrance stating that everything is organic unless indicated otherwise. At the moment, I don’t even think we have anything that isn’t organic.

IW: You have to mark everything that’s organic. Nothing here is marked as organic. I thought this sort of place would sell organic vegetables.

WD: Mom! Everything’s organic, okay? Let’s just go!

IW: Quiet, honey. Someone has to teach these people how to do their jobs. (Turns back to PE.) So…why don’t you have anything organic at a farmers market?

PE: We do, ma’am. Unless there’s a sign on the bin stating that the produce in that bin is not organic, everything we have here is organically grown.
By this point, there are several customers who have stopped shopping and are watching the show.

IW: NO! That is not how it works. You are required to mark every organic item as organic.

PE: Ma’am, as I have explained….

IW: NO! That is not how it is done. I don’t know what you think you’re doing here, but I will not be treated this way!

PE: Ma’am, all I’ve done is try to answer your question.

WD: Mom…please! It’s all organic. Please, let’s just go! (The poor girl is on the verge of tears.)

IW: In a minute, honey, this man is being very rude and has to be taught a lesson. (She turns to PE again.) Now…show me which items here are organic!

PE: Ma’am, I have already told you that everything here is organic!

IW: That is not how it works. I’M NOT STUPID!!!!!!

CC: (Steps forward and leans in to IW, and speaks loudly enough for everyone to hear) Don’t worry, your impression of it’s so good, no one will ever know.

Customer’s burst out laughing. IW storms out, grabbing WD and pulling her along. PE turns to CC to thank him.