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(This is a story told by one of my managers. It was late at night at a famous fast food joint and Coworker#1 is on break. The lobby is closed and the last customer and Coworker#1 are talking. Just then a man ran out of the restroom and out the door. The following conversation takes place.)
Coworker#1: Do you smell that? It smells like s***.
Customer: Thank God! I thought it was just me.
Coworker: (Manager), it smells like s*** out here!
Manager: * walks into the lobby* I know. I’m going to let (daughter) check the restrooms.

(So the manager told her daughter, one of the cashiers, to check the restrooms. She came back five minutes later.)
Daughter: *disgusted* Momma, I’m not cleaning that.
Manager: What do you mean?
Daughter: I’m not cleaning that restroom!

(Manager went into the men’s restroom with Coworker#1 and right inside the stalls there’s a nice surprise for them. Feces was smeared all over the walls, on the toilet and all over the floors. The smell was overbearing.)

Coworker#1: *smirking* I will help you clean it, (Manager).
Manager: Help me? I’m helping you!

(The clean up lasted over an hour. Over twenty blue and yellow washcloths were used and wasted. After cleaning up the mess, the smell still lingers. Coworker #2 had a brilliant idea.)

Coworker#2: *sprays cologne* Here. I hope this helps.
Manager: Now it smells like s*** and musk.

(Manager went to the nearest gas station and bought some scented sticks. She lighted them up and spread it all over the place.)

Manager: *sighs* Great. Now it smells like burnt s*** and lilacs, but at least the musky smell is gone.
Coworker#1: Don’t worry, (Manager). I remember that guy’s face real well.
Manager: I doubt that guy is going to come back. Not after what he done. He did that on purpose.
Coworker#1: He sure did.

(That explains the awful smell the next day and where all the yellow and blue washcloths go. Thank God I don’t work the night shift.)