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Management-tech support

(So FYI I put that hyphen to be professional even though I worked as a skilled manager but also knew certain skills as tech support)

(This is when I just transferred to a higher volume store as an assistant manager. This woman comes in with what seems like a never ending train of kids. My part time manager warns me “oh man she’s one of the hard ones because she knows all the loop holes with our company and she always comes before closing the night before a sale if she knows about it”

Don’t get me wrong I get where my coworker is coming from buuuuut of course I’m like “I’d love to meet her. I got it”.

Trying to make a long story short. She was super awesome. She never tried to make me do anything I wasn’t comfortable with doing. She was always just trying to use as much of the deals as possible for the sales we were having because she had so many kids.

I would never fault a mom, grandmother, or even an aunt for that. I seriously just realized this is way too long for the norm for this site especially without any cool funny dialogue. But I just wanted to show that even though I agree with most of the customers here and also the servers;
First of all you’re not a customer if you’re just complaining about something a sales associate obviously has no control over. If it’s that bad for you to be so mean to an innocent person, don’t support the business and shop there. And for the workers: (not saying I understand every field, but I was a manager for kids clothing) if you can not handle a kid, no matter what age, throwing a fit then I’m sorry retail is absolutely not your thing. I did only work for kids clothing so most of the time it was one of the parents. Buuuuut I will say if you’re not willing to help that one person out of a million that does actually want your help, even though you don’t know the answer. Oh man no. Just please don’t work there just because you want the discount. Holy moly I can’t believe I ranted this long. Omg really though I am seriously not an oldy no offense. I mean I am old to me 27. But even though this post doesn’t make it. I feel good saying my piece. Dok not ever say you deserve good customer service if you’re not a good customer. Period. If you show respect to my coworkers and they ask me if I can help you, I will happily bend over backwards. But when I know you are so rude and belittling my coworkers then it would be harder to understand what the situation is when obviously you’re the one starting it.