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I’m a young waitress at a small cafe. One day a woman and her husband came in to eat. This happens

Me: Hi! Do you two need menus or do you know what you want?
Husband: I’ll just have a cheeseburger and a bowl of chili.
Me: ok great! And for you ma’am?
Wife: I’ll just have a bowl of chili and fries.

Since I couldn’t hear her very well I repeated what the order to her

Me: so just a bowl of chili and fries for you?
Wife: yes.
Me: ok great I’ll put that right in for you two!

After I gave them their food I asked if I could get them anything else and they said no. About 5 minutes later my coworker came into the kitchen

Coworker: (my name) the woman at your table just told me she ordered a cheeseburger too.
Me: ummm she never said that…

I go to the table
Me: hi ma’am my coworker says you ordered a cheeseburger too?
Wife: * in a bratty tone* yes I did and you forgot it!
Me: *trying not to tell her off* I am so sorry about that I’ll get you one right away.

When I go back to the kitchen I told my boss about it.
Boss: well, the customer is always right.
Me: no they aren’t
Boss: *laughs* I know but we have to let them think they are.

Long story short, she got her cheeseburger and flounced out of the cafe with her husband without tipping me. Horrible person

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