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(I work in a generally friendly store, where we have many regular customers, most of which are chatty and friendly, and very understanding when it comes to new workers. I’ve only been working for 4 shifts at this point, this being my 4th shift. A man walks up to my till with an armful of groceries.)

Me: Hello!

Customer: Hi, how are you tonight?

Me: I’m good, and you?

Customer: Good, good.

(I ring everything through with no issues, besides being a bit slow and sloppy with my packing, since our store bags groceries for the customers, and I’ve only learned to bag groceries this year. When I go to the payment menu, as always, there’s a prompt telling me to ask the customer for their air miles card)

Me: Alrighty, d-

Customer: Aren’t you going to ask if I have air miles?

Me: Uh, yes. Do yo have air miles today sir?

Customer: Well, clearly yes.

(At this point I’m visibly stressed, as this is the first time I’ve dealt with a customer that I couldn’t tell if they were agitated or not, since most customers here are playful and sarcastic, jokingly trying to confuse me)

Me: *mumbles* Thank you sir.

Customer: *pulls out a couple bills, and looks through them*

Me: Cash today sir?

Customer: If I pull out cash then that generally means I’m going to pay with cash doesn’t it?

Me: Oh… Heh…

(Finally he finishes his transaction, and I give him his change, to which he responds with a short thanks. I look over to my supervisor with a confused look, and she just shrugs. The next customer, an older woman, comes up to my till)

Customer #2: Hello!

Me: *deep relieved breath* Hello ma’am! *smiles*

Customer #2: Wow, you have such beautiful blue eyes!

Me: Uh, thank you?

Me (internally): Oh boy…