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(Part of my job is to answer the phone, this one takes the biscuit)
Me: Good morning [chain] [town] [name] speaking, how can I help?
Caller: Where are you based?
Me: [chain] is a national multi-channel business based in [county up north].
Caller: No, where are you?
Me: Oh! [Town] site is in a park off [road] which runs between [town] and [town 2].
Caller: Is it near [joinery specialist]?
Me: *cringing* Yes ma’am, [joinery specialist] is the first place you see in the park, as you drive past it, you’ll see [tiling shop] and [chain] in front of you.
Caller: Is a [competitor] near you too?
Me: Yes, it’s three doors down from us.
Caller: Great thanks!