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( I work in a golf club where we have a downstairs and an upstairs bar which serves events, during an event recently I had a woman complain about the price of two drinks)
Woman: I just bought these exact same drinks downstairs and it was 10p cheaper up here than it was there why?

( I had actually served her in the downstairs bar and then had gone upstairs to help)
Me: I apologise for this confusion ma’am but sometimes the tills have different prices, but I can check why this was for you.
( I run downstairs to check the prices which turn out to be the same meaning she didn’t receive her change downstairs)
Me: I’m really sorry but it seemed you didn’t get your change downstairs I can return your change to you if you would like.
Woman: No, that’s not it, imconfused of why the price is different and it looks like I got a smaller glass of wine downstairs so why is it cheaper up here.
Me: I assure you that it is the same amount of wine in the glass and I will return you the difference of price of you would like?
Woman: but I don’t understand why the glasses of wine are different sizes!
Me: they are the same amount but the glasses are different sizes due to not having enough clean in the correct size due to the busyness of the event.
Woman: no they aren’t the amount of wine couldn’t fit in my previous glass of what’s in this one.
( at which point a supervisor comes over with a newly cleaned glass of the correct size and pours the wine in to it from the larger one, where it all easily fits)
Supervisor: it’s the same amount see? We all use the same measuring containers to make sure.
( I show her a measuring container.)
Woman: well I though you aught to know the prices were different.
Me and Supervisor: would you like the correct change from the previous round?
Woman: No! I just wanted you to know it was cheaper up here than it was downstairs.
( she then leaves. I don’t understand why she took that long complaining that the prices were cheaper! I can unfortunately not remember whether I gave her her change back downstairs due to serving tens of people in a very short time period. )