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So today at Sam’s Club my wife and I saw something that was quite unbelievable.

A young Asian mother with her little girl in the aisle with the Coffee makers. The child is barely a toddler. We are able to walk on our own, but is still VERY young.

The importance of this will be apparent shortly.

Said mother, in the middle of the aisle, pulls her daughter’s underwear aside and allows the child to whiz right on the floor.

Yeah. Not an accident, set the child up so she could fire for effect right in the middle of the aisle. No diaper, no training pants, no “grab the child and make a mad urgent dash to the ladies room…just “let’s make sure she doesn’t make a mess in her dress and panties so she can make a mess on the floor of a public retail establishment where they sell food.

God I was so wishing the laws of the land permitted me to take the mother by the scruff of her neck and rub her face in it.

Didn’t though. Neither did we confront the woman directly. We just reported it to the Manager at Sam’s and allowed them to deal with it.

What kind of person do you have to be to do that in a store? What common, classless, crass and thoughtless being do you have to be to force someone who is going to be stocking the food that you’re going to be buying (as well as the rest of the buying public)…to handle your daughter’s pee because you can’t be arsed to?