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(I’m behind the till, watching a pair of teens picking up bottles of various alcopop type drinks, then their dad picking them up and putting them into the basket a few moments later. I am only 17 and fairly new so I call a supervisor.)

Me: the gentleman in aisle 4 is buying alcohol that his kids have been looking at.

Supervisor: ok, I’ll wait here and sort it out.

(Note, it’s midday on a Sunday in a small shop so I am the only cashier at that time and he has to come through me. When he does…)

Supervisor: Excuse me sir, I have to ask: are you buying any of this for your children?

Man: No, it’s all for me and my wife.

Supervisor: ok then. I’m required to check.

(The sale proceeds, as we have no way of proving otherwise, and he leaves. Less than 5 minutes later a woman stomps in and straight up to me)

Woman: are you the b**** that asked my husband if he was buying alcohol for our kids?

Me: I was there but my supervisor was the one who spoke to him. Uh, I could get her for you? *On intercom* [supervisor] to the checkout please.

Supervisor: *arriving* How can I help?

Woman: *almost shouting* What gives you the right to interrogate my husband about who he is buying alcohol for?

Supervisor: Is your husband the gentleman who came in with 2 teenage children about 5 minutes ago? If so, we witnessed the children picking up and looking at bottles which were then purchased, and as a result we had to do our due diligence and ask as it is against the law to purchase alcohol for minors.

Woman: that’s utter bull****! From the age of 14 they can drink as long as it’s with a meal and at home under the supervision of their parents. So we can give them alcohol if we choose! Anyway, they just like looking at the labels?

Supervisor: Actually ma’am, while you are correct regarding what can be given to children under parental supervision, it is still illegal to purchase alcohol specifically for them in a store and both myself and my colleague here could have lost our jobs had we not asked.

Woman: I want to see your manager!

Supervisor: Unfortunately she’s not here today, but she will be in at 8am tomorrow. My name is [her name] and this is [my name], so you can tell her exactly who you spoke to. I can also see that [name of employee], who is currently standing by the fruit and veg has witnessed most of this conversation, so feel free to mention him as well.

(The woman storms out. 2 days later I come for an evening shift and the manager pulls me aside)

Manager: I know there was an incident on Sunday and I want to get your side of the story before I take any action regarding it.

Me: *tells my side of the story*

Manager: *laughing* that’s what I thought. [Supervisor] and [other employee] told me exactly the same and had left me a message about it, but the woman told a completely different story, that you called her names and accused her of being a bad mother for letting her kids drink. If she calls back I’ll tell her not to come back unless it’s to apologise.

(She never did come back)