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(I am new, and on my first day I accidentally hung up on this long term stay’s wife. I apologized to her, but the man comes down with a vengeance. He tells that manager what happened, and the manager tells him that I’m new.)

Long Term Stay: *stuttering and shouting* “I-I-I don’t care! H-how dare she be so rude! I’ve been a long time here, and I’ll take my business money elsewhere!”

Manager: “Again, I apologize…”

(The next day, I have to go to fix another guest’s issue, and have to leave the desk for a bit. I’m only gone for about 15 minutes, but, later, the Long Term Stay summons the manager.)

Long Term Stay: “I’ve been waiting for 45 minutes here and [My Name] didn’t come! I bet she went to have a snack at the restaurant down the block.”

Manager: “Sorry to hear that, we will talk to her.”

Long Term Stay: “I’ve stayed here for a long time, and I can’t believe a VIP like me is being treated like this! Do you treat your VIPs so badly? Did anyone else complain about [My Name]? She needs training badly!”

Manager: “No, no one has complained.”

Me: *thinking* “Yeah, you’re the only one, idiot.”

Long Term Stay: “I won’t believe it!”

(He rants and raves a bit more about how utterly horrid I am, then storms off. I couldn’t believe anyone would be so spiteful at a newbie, most people understand, but it turns out, his wife was calling to give him a divorce! He was so upset that he took it out on me! It may seems unbelievable, but it has happened before with other long term stays. They’re never home!)