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(I work in a small boutique that does not use the chip reader yet. Corporate sent us cards that go into the chip slot with “PLEASE SWIPE CARD” written in big letters.)

Me: “Please select Debit or Credit first and then swipe your card!”
Customer: (Takes “PLEASE SWIPE” card out of the slot, and shoves in her card)
Me: “Sorry, if you could just press Debit or Credit and then swipe your card through the machine normally.”
Customer: (Glares at me like I’m an idiot) “I have a chip card!”
Me: “I understand that but our chip reader doesn’t work yet, I’m sorry!”
Customer: (rolls her eyes and swipes card without pressing anything)
Me: “It should ask you Debit or Credit first, then swipe. It should beep when it goes through.”
Customer: “This is ridiculous! I better not get charged multiple times!”

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