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(I used to work nights in a 3* hotel in Oxford. This happens on one particularly busy night – both Universities had their graduation ceremonies the following morning, so there are no spare hotel beds in the city)

Me: Good evening, welcome to [Hotel Name]. How may I help?
Guest: I’d like a room.
Me: Unfortunately, we’re fully booked tonight. I can ring around to find out if anywhere else has one available, but I should warn you, the chances of that are remote.
Guest: No, don’t f*** call around. Give me a f*** room, you c***!
Me: I don’t have any available. Every room is occupied, there are guests in every room. Every guest has checked in.
Guest: I don’t care! Get someone else to f*** off, so I can have their room. I’ll take room 100. Give me the f*** key now.
Me: I’m not going to do that. I’ve just done a quick check online, and [alternative 5* hotel] has a room available – the last one they have. Would you like me to call them to get them to hold it for you?
Guest: I’m not going there! They’re all robbers. Build me a f*** room. Now.
Me: I cannot do that. It would take months for planning permission, quotes from builders and for the room to be built. Now, I’m going to call the police unless you leave the hotel now.

(The guest did eventually leave, not before calling me several insulting names, and accusing me of several crimes)