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I had a man come in to get two cans of Fix-A-Flat, than leave. He then came back in around a half hour later asking about our refund policy on Fix-A-Flat, which I inform him that I can switch a can out if it is defective. He sets two cans on the counter, and when I pick them up I can tell they are both empty, which means they were both used.

When I told him the cans must have worked properly since they were empty, he claimed it was defective since his tire was still flat. I inform him that the tire damage must be more severe than what Fix-A-Flat can handle. He than decides to throw a temper tantrum about how our store always rips him off and this is the reason why he never comes in.

I have some experience in auto repair, so I ask him to show me the tire. I follow him outside and look in the back of his truck to see a tire with a huge gash in the sidewall. Anyone who has ever patched a tire knows that sidewall damage is not repairable, only minor damage along the tread of the tire can typically be patched. I inform him I cannot give him a refund due to the fact that nothing can fix his tire, it must be replaced.

Again, he attempts to throw a fit in the parking lot about how we are trying to rip him off, and stalks out saying he will return the tire to Wal-Mart and get a new one. As he peeled out of the parking lot, I went back in chuckling and wishing I could be there at Wal-Mart when they refuse to do the tire return due to obvious sidewall damage.