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I work at large theater chain. This occurred when the Marlon Wayans parody of Fifty Shades of Gray was out. The customers (a mom, dad, and a very young girl) come to the box office where I am the only attendant.

Female guest: Excuse me, we were just watching Fifty Shades of Black and I want a refund!
Me: Alright ma’am, may I confirm why?
Female guest: It was too inappropriate for my daughter! She’s 5! You should have warned us! (she is getting increasingly irate at this time.)
Me: Yes ma’am. That movie is rated R for graphic nudity and language. We also have signs posted on our counter. Unfortunately, I can’t process a refund down here as it is a manager function on the register. I can send you up to the concierge desk and they’ll try to resolve this.
Female guest: It doesn’t matter if there are signs! You should have warned me!
Me: Ma’am, there are signs on the counter and the movie is rated R for a reason. Now, a manager can assist you further upstairs at the concierge desk. Good evening.
Female guest: I’d better get my refund, and I’ll be speaking to your manager about you.
Me: Okay ma’am. Have a nice evening.

My manager never spoke to me about it.