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I volunteer at an aquarium, usually answering people’s questions. On this particular day, a sawfish swims by. A sawfish is a large shark-like creature (although it is actually a ray, but I digress) with a very long rostrum protruding out of the front of its face. It is broad, long, and flat and a couple feet long with teeth protruding out of the sides- basically, it looks like a saw, which is how it gets it name. Nevertheless, it is a very distinctive looking animal. As one swims by, a woman comes up to me.
Woman: What was that animal?
Me: That was a sawfish!
Woman: No, it’s not.
Me: (confused) What?
Woman: No, it’s not.
Me: Were you talking about the one with the big long nose like a saw?
Woman: Yes.
Me: Oh, yes, that’s a sawfish, ma’am.
Woman: (sing-songy) I don’t know… *walks away*
To this day, I still wonder what she thought it was and kind of regret not asking her. A sawfish is incredibly hard to misidentify!

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