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I’m part of the education staff at a popular zoo, most of my time is spent in different “animal contact areas”,where visitors can come close to animals. One such place is in our Lorikeet aviary: guests get to walk in an area with small, colorful birds and can pay to feed them. Because there is no barrier between the birds and the people you’re not allowed to bring in any non-bird food (since Lorikeets are very smart and very good at opening any and all containers). I’m manning the front door and a woman walks in holding a small pizza box:

Me: I’m sorry ma’am but you can’t bring that food in here.

Her (obviously annoyed): Oh. Well I guess I’ll just sit in here then.

Me: If you’d like you can hand it to the cashier, he’ll put it on the other side of the counter for you and you can just grab it as you come out.

Her (So snarky it’s palpable): No, that’s ok, it’s almost empty but I’ll follow your rules.

Me: Again, I’m really sorry. We just can’t have the birds trying to eat your food.

Her: They won’t, it’s just two pieces of chicken, but it’s fine.

She then walks out again in a huff. My coworker, who overheard the whole thing, just turns at me says in a whiny tone “It’s just two pieces of chicken” and then bursts out laughing.

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