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I work at a well known pharmacy as a cashier. This happened last night before we were about to close. Note the store and pharmacy hours are different for every store. And our hours are listed on the front door as you walk in AND on our website. our pharmacy closes at 9 during the week. A customer comes in and heads straight back to the pharmacy. She’s back there for a few minutes then comes up to the cash register. She asks me to fetch a manager. Here’s their conversation.
Manager: yes can I help you?
Customer: (in an annoyed tone) yes I just wanted to let you know your falsely advertising your store hours and I don’t think that’s right. I needed to pick up some medicine but the pharmacy is closed!
Manager: well our store hours are listed on our website.
Customer: she holds up her phone for my manager to see) that’s where I was looking!
Manager: (looks at the phone) ma’am this isn’t our website. Our hours are listed on our website.
Me: and every store closes at different times. Did you look up this store?
Customer:but this says you close at-!
Manager: we can’t control what other websites say. You can only go by our website.
The customer glares at us and storms out
Me: (to my manager when the customer is gone) don’t you love it when they argue with is about what times we close?