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I attend a competitive college preparatory high school across from a department store. The high school I go to has a uniform and the uniform looks like what the employees wear. A woman comes up to me for help.

Customer: Can you help me find something?

Me: I can try, but I don’t work here. What are you looking for?

Customer: Oh, I’m sorry! It’s [item].

Me: I’m not sure where it is, but you can always go to the front and I’m sure a person can help you find it. (I go to turn around when the lady taps on the shoulder of an employee passing us.)

Customer: Ma’am can you help me find something, I asked this girl for help but I think she’s part of the ‘special program’.

(I’m pretty surprised by the response and the rudeness of the woman.)

Employee: I’m sorry ma’am, what item are you looking for? (The employee is clearly uncomfortable, she frowns at the lady, and I can tell she wants to apologize on behalf of the customer by her facial expression.)

Customer: I’m looking for [item].

Employee : It’s this way, I’ll direct you.

Customer: Thanks so much, I don’t think the poor dear can read and just told me that she couldn’t find it, why else wouldn’t she be able to help me?

(I wanted to say something in reply about why she couldn’t read but I was too shocked by the customer’s rudeness and just walked away from the situation.)