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, | Unfiltered | June 4, 2020

(I work in the printing services section in a shop.)

A customer came in with some files he wanted to print out

Me: Do you want the files in color or black and white?

Customer: Colored but on that printer *points to the black and white printer*

Me: That’s the black and white printer, sir. This one *points to the colored printer* is the one that prints colored

Customer: Yeah, like i said I want it on this printer *Points to the black and white printer*

Me: So you want the files printed in black and white?

Customer: No, I want them Colored. Just take whatever makes them colored from that machine to this one.

Me: I can’t do that sir. If you want the files to be printed in color I’m going to have to print them on the other printer.

(at this rate the customer looks irritated and angry, insisting I take “whatever makes it colored” from the colored printer to the black and white one, while I tried to explain to him that the black and white printer can’t take colored toner, the customer wouldn’t listen and ended up leaving.)