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I was a HSI tech for a national Cable company. Usually we just troubleshot internet connections, but mostly we took calls from field techs and assisted them. Yet when the call queue got outrageous we had to help out. These are the weird tales from those times:

I received a call from a woman claiming that one of our cable techs had just pulled off the side of the road, where she was walking, and raped her. To which I asked her to immediately call 911 instead of tech support.

This was when NFL network first started showing Thursday night games. One Thursday night the NFL network was having an issue which was out of our control. I get a called stating (totally serious mind you) that it is Al Qaeda jamming the NFL signal as a form of terror attack. He then requested to speak with the president…….of the united states and not our company or the NFL.

A woman called in saying her cable was out (this was before mandatory digital receivers). I cannot find anything on this woman. Not an account, an old account, or a pending account. Nothing by her name, #, or SSN. I finally asked her when she got cable and how. A man came by her house on a BICYCLE claiming to be from us. He offered to set up her cable for $50. She gave him the money and he climbed up the pole and turned it on. So obvious to everyone, but her, it was illegal. So, it got turned off during an illegal cable audit in her neighborhood. Of course she wanted a refund from us……….

I had a very irate customer mad that his HD/DVR box wasn’t working. After troubleshooting for awhile and getting nothing he got mad and literally unplugged it from the surge protector and smashed it against the wall. Except it was the wrong piece of equipment. He pulled out his DVD player and smashed it. He had been screwing around with the cables from that instead. He then plugged in the HD/DVR box and it worked fine. I laughed for awhile on that one.