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I’m a cashier at a grocery store in Minneapolis. While Minnesota borders part of Canada, Minneapolis is about 5 hours away from the border. Sometimes near the border, US stores will take Canadian money, but it’s definitely not common if done at all in Minneapolis.

Me: That will be $11, please.

Customer: <Hands me a bunch of Canadian money, all in $1 or $2 coins>

Me: (trying to make a joke out of it, but confused). Haha, I wish I could take this money, but management would frown upon it!

Customer: It’s not fake money! How can you accuse me of counterfeit money?!
Do you not know what Canadian money looks like?

Me: Yes, ma’am, I know what Canadian money looks like. But we’re in America.

Customer: So?

Me: (confused) That means we can’t…take…Canadian money.

Customer: (indigent) Yes you can! I’ve used Canadian money in the US before where I live! Me: (groaning in my head) Do you live by the border? I’ve been near the border before, and some stores will. But we’re several hours away, and frankly this store doesn’t have use for Canadian money.

Customer: (even more irate) Minnesota borders Canada, and therefore I can spend Canadian money in Minnesota! I don’t appreciate how you obviously think America is much better than Canada, and refuse to take our money! (goes off on a rant on how Americans think they are much better than the rest of the world)

Me: Seriously, ma’am, it’s not that I don’t like Canada. Canada is fine. But most of Minnesota won’t take Canadian money.

Customer: YES THEY DO!!!

Knowing I am getting nowhere, I call my manager over, who also attempts to tell the customer that we can’t take her Canadian money, and directs her to an ATM or asks if she can pay by card.

Customer: (yelling at this point, and with a crowd looking at her) I will NOT pay with American money! I have Canadian and it’s just as good as American!

My manager has had enough at this point and cuts her off.

Manager: Lady, we are in Minneapolis. Nowhere near Canada. We don’t take Canadian money, nor Euros or Krona or any other foreign money for that matter. Either give us AMERICAN money or leave the store now!

The customer storms out of the store, yelling as she goes about how Americans are so full of themselves and how we’ll be going out of business in no time since we are refusing perfectly good money.

Manager: (looks at me) What in the hell just happened?

Me: (sighs, knowing my manager loves this website). This is going on “Not Always Right”

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