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I used to work at a cheap retail shop when I was 14 and only worked on the weekend but not every week as we had a lot of casuals like me and there were no shifts it was only 9-5 hours with 30/15 minute breaks, it wasn’t a very fair workplace but my first job so I didn’t know any better.

I hadn’t worked in about a week or so as usual so the second I arrive the manager speaks to me in front of everyone as if to humiliate me. Apparently a customer called days ago how she had come in and asked ‘me’ where something was.

My response to her was “overthere” in a rather annoyed tone while making the hand motion as if to shoo into the direction.

Now I KNOW I was in the right and didn’t believe any of this shit as I have never treated a stranger with disrespect in my life and I am actually extremely nervous when put on the spot, I usually relent when people think their story is right just so I don’t make them annoyed with me but I was not going to get into trouble at work for something that didnt happen.

Me: “That wasn’t me! I would never do that to someone”

But hey what do I know right.

Manager: “She said someone called your name so thats how she knew you”

She is actually making that criticizing expression ever since I stood up for myself, if they actually paid attention to what I do around here and not all the other prettier girls and saw how I talk to customers and very rarely do I point them in the direction if im busy because I would guide them to the right aisle.

none the less in their eyes I was bullshitting.

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I once got told off about wearing too long pants (Humilation once again)

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The managers daughter went to school with me and we worked the same shift that day when we had to get the massive tub of the top shelf to stock the shelves which is extremely heavy.

I knew she wasnt going to get up there so me being fine with any job really I climbed the tall ladder and pulled the tub off but heres the thing, she was below me and just casually standing around as she watched without a care. I misjudged the weight but I held on and I leant down to pass it to her but she did nothing to help.

Within that split second I knew I was going to fall because of the massive weight pulling me and seeing as how she was a good meter away I threw the tub on the ground and jumped off, obviously it was loud which drew customers attention and what they saw as me just jumped off the ladder after dropping the tub while my coworker laughs reaally loud coz its ‘so funny’.

I may have altered their judgments in what they actually I bit considering I somewhat yelled.

Me: ” You were supposed to catch it! I wasnt going to fall!”

She didnt give a shit, I checked for any cracks in the tub hoping I didnt break which I didnt but I was still mad. heres the thing when I was on the ladder and I knew I was going to fall I was actually going to bring the ladder down with me if I didnt immediately get rid of the weight which would have resulted in both of us getting hurt even though I would have been getting crushed the ladder and landed on top of the tub.

I was just proud of myself for thinking right in my moment of panic even if I didnt look like an idiot at least I didnt get hurt.