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I’m a manager at a fast food place and had this happen the other day….

A female customer said I need to learn customer service. She ordered a hamburger kids meal then got upset there was no cheese. I explained she ordered a hamburger and it doesn’t come with cheese. She complained and said ” I MEANT cheeseburger even though I said hamburger”. Soooo…. I told her okay…so you want a piece of cheese for it? She said “no I want it melted like how it’s supposed to be made”. When
I explained that cheese only comes melted if it been sitting there for awhile she cursed at me. Then she finally gave back the hamburger. I got irratated with her so I got petty… had a grill guy put cheese on it then rewrap it like a cheeseburger (the burger was fresh and was untouched). She then asked if I put cheese on it and rewrapped it as I wasn’t wearing gloves. I told the truth and said I didn’t touch the sandwich. Then she said you need to learn customer service. And I was done at that point so I shrugged and said okay. She drove off mad that I didn’t react the way she wanted.