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I’m 31 and I’ve worked in retail for 12 years. Currently I work at the Canadian equivalent of Whole Foods. Our customers tend to be the dumbest and richest people you’ve ever ever met.

Everything about the following interaction was wrong.
10 years ago I thought it was bad enough having women twice my age asking me how to pump gas.
The other night I had a woman younger than me ask me:
“How does the shopping cart work?”
I am not joking. This in fact happened after she put her child in the seat and tried to push it. I explained it was locked because someone tried to take it out of the store. Then I unlocked it in front of her while her child was still in the seat. I stood up and looked at her afterwards.
“Will it work now?”

Sometimes I wonder why I have be around humans every day.

-Misanthropic Quandary #420
“What is she smoking and where can I get some?”