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(During a fairly quiet period a woman comes up to my tills with a few items including some tins of beans and spaghetti hoops. I scan them all through and the woman asks about the price, claiming they should be a 3 for £1 special offer. Since my till was close to where the tinned food is I go to check. Sure enough I find a barker next to the beans saying “3 for £1.50”, but the spaghetti is normally priced.)

Me: I’m sorry. The offer you saw applied to the beans only – this is the label for the spaghetti, and they’re priced at 59p each.

(The customer scoffs and raises her eyebrows)

Customer: Well, it would say that now wouldn’t it?

(She paid, still obviously under the illusion that I had switched the prices. When she left the till she dragged her child along back to the tins to check the price herself – she must have noticed that there were in fact several tickets stating the price of the spaghetti because she made a hasty retreat!)